Motivational Monday Number25

Good Afternoon
I Trust you Are having a Good Monday.

Today’s Motivational Monday relies upon dreams and the near future, the notion of us shifting. Have you ever had someone tell you that you have changed and you laugh at them because they’ve zero idea what they’re saying? Me also, all of the time. But the thing is we are always changing, we are never the exact same person at 9am and 9pm; in one way or another we’d have shifted. Each and every day we are doing different things and taking on new opportunities which affect us even the smallest bit even if we do not repent it.

Occasionally it’s okay to have zero idea who you are or what you’re doing because you can change when you are least expecting it. Something can happen to some existing plans or some thing may even happen and change your future strategies; nothing is obviously directly forward and that is the most important issue to always remember.

I found the above quotation and totally loved it since it is really as easy as it sounds. Everybody has a fantasy if it’s large or even the smallest fantasy you can think of. But when you have them dreams in which you think to yourself “I’ll never reach this fantasy”, do not worry, you’ll! Dreams do really come a bit too big so that you may grow into them, if it takes 6 weeks, a year or maybe four decades to grow.  

Back in 2014 I had the fantasy to be a teacher and let us be honest, at 17 there was no way in the world I would be able to be a teacher within the space of a year. My fantasy was enormous and even now it is still a massive fantasy. My fantasy is that a 6 year fantasy where I have had to work off my butt and keep consistent and motivated to be able to achieve it and that I can safely state from September 2018 my fantasy will come true. In them six years I’d have attained one fantasy but also had so a lot along with that; both large and little. But as I said in my up weekly, in case you have the passion for something; you can certainly do it regardless of how long it takes or how difficult it is. You’ll change during achieving it and that is another aspect that’s completely okay.

Locate your dream and work hard for it!


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