This Emirati Woman is a speaker

It is such a frequent sight to see kids glued into their Ipads, phones and other smart gadgets, however six-year-old Lamia Tariq Malallah is rather strange to that idea.

Why? “Since she does not have any time,” explained her mother Malak. Lamia, being the youngest Emirati gymnast, is currently busy motivating kids to take up sport severely.

She is the youngest to have conducted a session that is motivational. More than 500 students from grades 3 and 4 and their teachers attended her conversation in The Millennium School (TMS) Auditorium.

Lamia together with her mentor, former world champion Ksenia Dzhalaganiya, and other coaches Natalia Toprak and Gyuzel Maclaren out of Dubai Youth Olympic School, assemble a wonderful interactive session in which she conducted a number of gymnastic moves. She also talked about her discipline, schedule and training, the events she has participated and talked about how she expects of bringing glory into the UAE and placing the UAE in the world map in gymnastics. Inspired by her mother Malak Alfarsi in the semester, Lamia encouraged students to go beyond the lifestyle of tabs and lead a healthy life. Lamia’s father, a soccer player, also encourages the small girl to make her dreams come true.

She had a Q & A session at which students asked her several questions on the training sessions she awakens and awards she won.

At TMS, students seemed really intrigued by the simple fact that a six-year-old has attained this many accolades in the global level in just one and a half an hour of training. In addition they had queries on if she gets time to finish her assignments into which she answered she does them at the car!

Throughout the motivational semester, Lamia’s mother Malak also shared her perspectives about how important it’s to eat healthy. She urged kids to ask their parents to package them food like fruits and cereals. Malak also motivated the students by telling them that if they are good at game they’ll likewise have the ability to perform well academically. “Sport areas you. You know to become more focused, your mindset becomes calmer. As your energy has been channelised into game, you become patient and persevering. Lamia doesn’t have a lot of time to research and she manages to score good grades.”

Talking about six-year-old Lamia Tariq Malallah’s strict training regime, her mum Malak stated: “She gets up at 6am and that I pack her breakfast and lunch (home made) and drop her off to college. I then pick her 3pm from college and take her straight to the training center.

“Lamia requires a fast snack at the car (mostly fruits and dried fruits) after that trains from 4pm till 7.30-8pm. This is her regular program, that includes Friday. Her day off from training is Saturday, and that’s when she studies”

When asked what her inspiration was, Lamia shyly explained: “His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and also Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, stated we should be ‘awwal’ (first) so that I am likely to attempt become No 1”

On encouraging Lamia as a motivational speaker in the school, the executive leader of TMS, Michael Guzder stated: “While we’ve had many speakers in the past who have motivated our students, this is the very first time we’ve invited a worldwide acclaimed six-year-old to come to our college and inspire students.

“That is keeping in mind that the vision of the rulers of UAE to place the country in the world map by 2020. She’s a role model to our students and we hope she has sown the seeds of vision and enthusiasm for game in their lives. It was evident from the brief minutes she spent with us that she was passionate about what she is someone who brings happiness and joy to all the she disagrees with.”

Lamia Tariq Malallah, youngest Emirati gymnast, urges kids to take up sport seriously