21 Jokes That’ll Make Any kind of Feminist Laugh And Afterwards Audibly Sigh

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request ur viewpoint vs. the body type that didn’t request ur opinion< a href =https://twitter.com/WeNeedFeminlsm/status/931561076226969601 > 04:34 PM-17 Nov 2017 think of if ladies resembled “we can not stop kicking guys in the dick “and when men obtained upset ladies resembled”that’s w. https://t.co/q0bPDd80Og 03:08 PM – 17 Nov 2017

honestly our national bird must be a male interrupting a female attempting to chat

01:54 AM -13 Oct 2017

PRODUCTS EVERY LADY OUGHT TO OWN: -Little Black Dress -Adorable flats -Strappy s- ok now that the guys have stopped reading, we revolt at dawn.

I do not have a relaxing bitch face. My bitch face is always at work, ever before alert. My bitch face will certainly relax when its work is done.

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