25 “Black Mirror” Jokes That’ll Make You Laugh And Then Want To Burn All Your Technology

me: Black Mirror: it’s cause you be on that phone

am i the only one who didnt know black mirror was called black mirror because when you look at your phone or comput… https://t.co/pTcEYPLG7B

*turns macbook toward tv screen so jeff at the fbi headquarters can watch black mirror with me*

me: *watches one episode of black mirror* anyone: hi- me:

black mirror is just that “you wouldn’t download a car” anti-piracy ad except you can download the car and then the car is your dead wife

The worst part of Black Mirror is wondering if it is how we all find out we’re just in an elaborate episode of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror S4 episode list : 1. Cor Blimey, What If Facebook Likes Were The Only Way To Earn a Quid 2. There Is… https://t.co/E7peUjP1No

Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 2 Arkangel (2017)

black mirror is written by one stoned british dude who just mutters shit like wot if ya mum ran on batteries

U know that episode of Black Mirror where they can rewind their memories and project them so they can bring up ur e… https://t.co/hnkLrvAbQx

1700s Black Mirror: we all like to ride horses so much, what if the HORSES RIDE US

Black Mirror but about simple machines, like an evil wedge or something

👀 if the new season of Black Mirror 💻 👨🏻😍 and my man both drowning 😱🌊 😬 and i can only save one⁉️☝🏼 😔 catch me at… https://t.co/fqaT8ydV0g

watching black mirror moodboard

Me in the club on NYE watching Black Mirror.

there’s some crazy shit that i’ll believe in black mirror but believing that Sara is 15 in the Arkangel episode is not one of those things

me before watching black mirror: guinea pigs are kinda boring. don’t do much. me after watching black mirror: I lo… https://t.co/RHZDSIFyPu

I love putting people I know onto Black Mirror. I’m like “yeah it’s such a good show you have to watch it” then the… https://t.co/N5xe4lxdCN

Black Mirror: “USS Callister” (2017) (dir. Toby Haynes)

my favorite Black Mirror episode

the existence of black mirror is itself a black mirror episode. a show about the dangers of technology is released… https://t.co/N1pbhtKknn

Me laughing at every joke my coworkers make after watching that first ep of new Black Mirror

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25 Tweets About “Black Mirror” That Are Funny But Also Weirdly True

*turns macbook toward tv screen so Jeff at the FBI headquarters can watch Black Mirror with me*

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