8 Bedroom Canopies to Inspire Your Next Décor Upgrade

canopy bed

Create a statement with this strong canopy bed frame. Opt to add curtains or leave the four corners bare for a minimalistic look.

bedroom canopy

An antique-style iron canopy bed frame is the perfect addition to this already dreamy bedroom. The open frame leaves room for a romantic headboard to peak through the design.

bedroom furniture

Add to an eclectic bedroom with daring curtains to adorn a bold, black canopy bed frame. This is a great way to experiment with color and pattern.

canopy bed frame

Allow tall posts to grow from the corners of your bed instead of choosing a more traditional bedroom canopy. No need for curtains or even a complete frame to create a contemporary bedroom with just a bit of flair.

bed frame

This understated wooden bedroom canopy blends right into the décor of the rest of room. Pair it with an accent bench and a rug to complete the look.

bedroom décor

This room nails the white-on-white look with playful pops of color to balance the space. Plus, the open-top frame gives a modern chandelier enough room to hang from the ceiling.

bed frame design

This barely there canopy bed frame almost blends into the white walls of the room, but it adds just enough of a design element to make the space feel special and carefully curated.

bedroom interior design

Imagine coming home from your day to be greeted by this beautiful master bedroom. The thick white frame looks crisp and clean in contrast to the heavy dusty-rose curtains that hang beside it.

These Bedroom Canopies Look Straight Out of a Dream