Why You Should Think Twice Before Giving Your Dog A Rawhide Dog Treat

Is chewing bones one of your dogs most favorite things to do? If so, rawhide bones are probably one of his favorite type of bones to chew on. Rawhide dog treats have been around since the 1950s, and are the most popular dog chew item on the market today. However, in recent years, there has been some debate about whether or not rawhide chews are safe. Keep reading below to learn more.

It seems to happen with nearly every product eventually. Someone will come out with a study saying said product isn’t safe for what it’s intended. In recent years, they’ve begun to say this about Rawhide dog chews. Despite being used by dogs for over 60 years, now all of a sudden, someone has come up with reasons to be concerned about them.

One of the concerns is the actual ingredients of the chew itself. Rawhide dog chews are basically specially prepared leather, not a meat byproduct has some may assume. Because it is basically treated leather, some are concerned about chemicals used during the treatment process that may be unhealthy for your dog. So far however, there is little hard data to back up this concern. As long as you aren’t feeding your dog and endless daily supply of these treats, there is little danger that any side effect due to the chemical used in the fabrication process.

Another concern some have is the potential for blockage if the animal happens to swallow the chew. While it starts out hard, as the dog chews on it, eventually it becomes softer and easy to swallow. If your dog decides to swallow pieces of the chew, there is a risk of these pieces getting blocked in his throat and potentially in his bowels. this is a legitimate concern, but not one that is likely to happen. Pretty much anything a dog eats is a potential choking hazard. to reduce the risk of this happening to your dog, simply dispose of the treat once it begins to get soft.

If your dog likes dreambone rawhide dog treats, you shouldn’t be concerned with him having them. Just make sure you keep an eye on him while chewing a rawhide treat or anything else for that matter to help him avoid any trouble.