What to Know Regarding a Dental Bridge vs Implant

Today, there are many options in dental care for patients to choose from. At one time, there was one option when a patient needed to replace a missing tooth. That option was to get a dental bridge. This is still a viable option for most patients, but they can also opt for an implant instead.

The main difference is something you should be aware of regarding a dental bridge vs implant. With an implant, a metal rod is installed into the area where the missing tooth was in order to prevent any further bone loss. Then a crown is installed over it. This makes for a very natural replacement for a tooth.

With a bridge, a small prosthesis is placed in between two teeth where the missing tooth was situated. A bridge cannot be removed and it works well to fill in tooth gaps.

When you are faced with a choice between a dental bridge vs implant, you want to talk with your implantperio dentist. You can have either option in most cases, but there could be circumstances where it is best to pick a bridge over an implant. If you have any existing fillings, for instance, you would want to get a bridge. Implants are best for anyone who has had a missing tooth for prolonged period.

When you choose your implant or your bridge, you will also have to follow new procedures for taking care of your oral health. Since you would be getting a crown with an implant, you have to remember to brush and floss very carefully.

Implants are often chosen because they offer the most aesthetically pleasing results. Unlike bridges, they look the most like natural teeth. Talk to your dentist to see which option is right for you.