Los & Onsite Angeles, peak Performance Motivational Seminar

Peak Performance Motivational Seminar

This inspirational seminar is sensible, unique and innovative! You learn when we believe in terms that are suboptimal just how we sabotage peak performance. Whenever we believe suboptimally, it costs us time, energy, joy and money. You will fly above bad, fair and extraordinary functionality, into the world of the best, best and highest. You will discover and employ the “mental software” to maximize your own personal life and career, and practice how to work in your peak at any circumstance. With Optimal Thinking, you never settle for second best!  

Motivational Seminar Objectives

In this performance motivational seminar you:

    • Examine how much your believing compromises your best interests
    • find beliefs about negative believing that create conflict and confusion
    • understand why negative thinking can be precious, and the way to put it to best use
    • find out the way the five openings of suboptimal positive thinking impair your performance
    • learn how Optimal Thinking resolves the five openings of suboptimal positive thinking
    • explore why suboptimal thinking isn’t the mental basis of peak functionality
    • understand Optimal Thinking and its crucial role in maximizing your operation
    • identify what “the best” means in your personal and professional lifestyle
    • incorporate practical measures to start each day with your best self accountable
    • learn how to maximize every circumstance, and bring out the finest in others
    • weigh the advantages and disadvantages of optimism from Optimal Thinking in various situations
    • find how famous people through the ages implement Optimal Thinking
    • explore the limiting core beliefs which enable you to settle for next best
    • find the messages which disturbing emotions like anger, anxiety, and jealousy signal
    • employ Optimal agreeing road channels to best resolve subtle and overpowering emotions
    • become optimally self-reliant and achieve psychological domination
    • Boost suboptimal ideas, feelings and behaviour at work and in home
    • gain supreme self-confidence in your ability to plan and create your ultimate career and lifestyle
    • generate boundless energy, unstoppable dedication and optimal execution
    • Boost your motivation and experience constant peak performance.

Who Should Attend

  • workers in any type of company who are willing to stop settling for second best
  • CEOs, large and small business owners, entrepreneurs and employees
  • anybody considering being their greatest and consistently performing at their summit.

One-on-One Optimal Thinking Motivation Coaching

One-on-one motivation coaching is best utilised to evaluate, track, and maximize motivation problems as they arise. Our motivation skills coaching program is the selection of those   who want to master motivation in difficult conditions at work.

We arrange telephone coaching or office visits at your convenience.

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Monday to Friday, 8:30 am — 5:00 pm PT.

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  • Optimal Thinking has a little bit for everyone and will help people be the best self they can be.

    Kenneth Blanchard, Writer,

  • Thank you for the superb job. The evaluations are all coming in with high scores. The members loved hearing you share your ideas and superb success stories. You had them motivated!

    Co-Chairman, Melinda Nordhaus

    Meeting Planners International All Day Education Conference

  • I have to endorse Optimal Thinking since the psychological foundation for peak performance in most fields. Optimal Thinking is a quantum leap beyond rhetorical positive believing ideology.

    Triple Crown Mr. America, Olympics Sports Medicine Staff, California

  • The Optimal Thinking seminar improved the therapeutic process of a hurting work environment.

    EEO Specialist, Rosa Combs,

  • Everything was fantastic and eye opening.
  • Your opinions and anecdotes offered real inspiration for many of our managers, and opinions following case has been extremely positive… You’re a tremendous speaker and we all feel blessed that you took the time to show here.

    Alison Buzza, Events Coordinator,

    Australian Institute of Management — Qld & NT, Australia

  • Thank you for your spectacular presentation. Your delivery of “Optimal Thinking” was succinct, and you were extremely entertaining and fascinating to follow. Optimal Thinking is exactly what business owners need – empowerment to function as best to triumph.

    Charmaine Wilkerson, Program Chair,

    National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles

  • I’ve seen a number of the best, but nobody as intriguing, inspirational and effective as was Dr. Rosalene Glickman. I have a B.S. Degree from the University of Southern California but I feel I learned more of significance from Dr. Glickman.

    Entrepreneur, California.

  • Thank you for the interesting and stimulating presentation on Best Thinking. There was a passionate reaction to your substance.

    Baalah Drooks, Program Chair,

    Los Angeles County School Nurses Association

  • Launched in your best Thinking seminar was the best afternoon of my life. I am making the most money ever, my relationship with my loved ones is your very best ever, and I am loving life to the fullest. I owe it all to Optimal Thinking. Dr. Glickman, you are a genius!
  • There’s absolutely no limit on what you can achieve if you maximize and use optimal thinking in your daily activities.

    Martha Smith, Acting Director,

    U.S. Treasury Complaints Mega Center

  • Rosalene Glickman is a brilliant excellent singer, a notion leader who is dedicated, dedicated and caring. She did not waste time get bogged down. The conference showed me it’s all up to me and I CAN optimize. An optimal encounter.
  • Thank you for your outstanding presentation at this season’s 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to working with you again later on.

    SEMA Director of Educational Services

  • It’s great to see you helping people to achieve their whole potential!

    How to Master the Art of Selling

  • What does it take to become Australia’s most prosperous woman? Glickman was awarded her title for her ability to inspire American business people.

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