Harrish Sai Raman , based in Mumbai, India is one of the best motivational, inspirational key note speakers in the coutry. He is the founder of ‘Cogniizant Transformation’ and Co Founder of ‘The Next Dimension’. Both the organizations established with the intent of ‘Adding Value’ and ‘Empowering Lives’ of people.

As of the year 2018 Harrish has facilitated over 1500+ seminars and impacting over two hundred thousand lives.

Harrish is also a powerful example of a person who experienced hardships and challenges in the early part of his Life and used his challenges as a catalyst not only to bounce back, but to epitomize Life to the fullest and now empowering lives of all who are connected with him! Harrish Sairaman is also a leading Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Family and Systemic Constellation facilitator, Kinesiology facilitator, Performance, Relationship, Life and Spiritual Coach. He believes ‘Learning never stops and if one wants to truly learn, there is enough to learn till the last breath!’. In spite of his vast knowledge, experience and credentials he prefers to be called as a ‘student’ rather than a ‘master’ or a ‘Guru’ as he believes that’s a permanent role that one should always be in!

Harrish’s vison and mission is to empower lives, break their barriers, give them the required push, act as a catalyst and eventually transform their lives, helping them live life in their highest potential format. Harrish Sairaman lives his vision through mass scale seminars addressing even thousands at one go, intense transformational workshops, webinars, digital media and thought provoking youtube videos, powerful articles, quotes, message and intensive individual coaching and therapies.

Harrish’s motivational session are quite unique and different than the usual ones. He believes the ‘motivation’ in a seminar is just a temporary effect but his piercing insights, relevance with day to day life and challenges and thought proving humour goes a long way. He also empowers his participants with tools and techniques beyond the workshop which becomes a life long asset! Harrish has realized and experienced that Life’s fun is not in a smooth ride but a roller coaster and hence its only after a ‘roller coaster ride’ we say ‘what a ride!!!’ What he teaches, is to experience enthusiasm, excitement, progress, success and even peace in a roller coaster journey which is difficult but not an impossible task.

Harrish has the ability to blend spirituality and science and offer tools and techniques which are believable, achievable and yet profoundly powerful.

As an excellent ‘Transformation Specialist’, Harrish believes everyone can be a winner. The possibilities are available for everyone and he makes people choose it as he believes ‘everyone deserves it’. His sessions are so powerful that people who even attend it multiple times, take back new powerful learnings and experiences!

The hundreds of testimonials available about Harrish’s inerventions highlight the same.

Harrish ensures that every individual who walks into his life either through a seminar, workshop or individual coaching leaves with something worthwhile and his genuine love for his participants builds an instant and long lasting connect! Being in touch with Harrish and connecting with him in any format will provide you with the answers you are seeking, bring in the shift that is needed and the memories that will last forever!!!!!

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